The Kobe University Center for Social Systems Innovation

Research section

Entrepreneurship Research Section

The research carried out by the Entrepreneurship Research Section addresses a broad range of issues related to the connection between innovation production and entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurial activities). The objective of the section is to present the issues facing Japan and offer recommendations for policies to address them while also incorporating analyses from an international comparative perspective.

忽那憲治 教授
Section Head KUTSUNA Kenji

Current Projects

Our section carries out work on two themes:(1) research related to science and technology entrepreneurship for the production of innovation, and (2) research on building an ecosystem for the creation of serial entrepreneurs. More specifically, the first research is looking at the mechanisms through which Japanese universities are producing science and technology ventures, trying to clarify what is different about those universities that have produced results in this area and what the issues were at universities that have not. The objective is to put together practical recommendations for the application in society of university research findings and the seeds of potential businesses. In the second area of research, we are analyzing the factors that contribute to the emergence of serial entrepreneurs, and are examining what types of policies are necessary to expand those parameters in the future.