The Kobe University Center for Social Systems Innovation

Research section

Environment and Resource System Innovation Section

This section is carrying out research and working to implement its findings in order to achieve a low-environmental-burden model of a global supply chain, and is examining ways to build environmental and resource systems that have a low environmental burden and high economic efficiency.

梶原武久 教授
Section Head KAJIWARA Takehisa

Current Projects

In this section, we are promoting research on global green supply chains, on the introduction and spread of new resources and technologies for environmental protection, on social systems for achieving efficient environmental and resource systems, and so on.
Specifically, we are conducting international surveys and case studies and are conducting a deep analysis of the current conditions and issues facing global green supply chains. In addition, through cutting-edge case studies, we are working to construct new models and to implement those in society. With regard to the introduction and diffusion of new resources and technologies that can protect the environment, we are analyzing from an economic perspective the impact of the spread of green innovations that promote both environmental protection and economic growth, and are trying to clarify the process of becoming competitive in the global market.