The Kobe University Center for Social Systems Innovation

Research section

Finance and IT System Innovation Section

This section conducts research on the impact on financial and economic systems of the advancements in financial innovation by using IT, and on the system planning for socioeconomic systems brought about by the advancement of IT.

家森信善 教授
Assistant Director of the Center; Section Head YAMORI Nobuyoshi

Current Projects

FinTech (the fusion of finance and IT) may very well have a substantial impact on the financial system overall, because the primary function of the financial system can be seen as the handling with information and communications technology. Therefore, our projects cover a broad range of fields, including on industry organizations, efficiency and stability of financial market, financial regulation and monetary policy, and financial infrastructure and economic growth or social development.
More specifically, our research project includes the following: (1) research on the innovation and unbundling of financial services and the industry organization and management; (2) research on the new financial technology and the efficiency and stability of financial system; (3) research on the regulatory framework change and the effectiveness of monetary policy; (4) research on the development of financial infrastructure and economic growth; (5) research on methods and practices for financial literacy education and building ecosystem for financial innovation.
The goal of our research project is studying what form of financial and economic systems would be desirable for social development , and offering policy recommendations and assisting in putting those recommendations into practice.