The Kobe University Center for Social Systems Innovation

Research section

Finance and IT System Innovation Section

This section conducts research on the impact on financial and economic systems of the advancements in financial innovation by using IT, and on the system planning for socioeconomic systems brought about by the advancement of IT.

森 直哉 教授
Assistant Director of the Center; Section Head MORI Naoya

Current Projects

In this department, several researches on finance and information technology are advanced. Specifically, they are research on social change brought by FinTech, research on utilization of artificial intelligence, research on monetary and fiscal policies utilizing large amounts of data, research on SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) finance leading to regional creation, and so on.

IT (Information Technology) means fundamental technology and applied technology on computer and data communication. It is aimed at helping corporate business and our lives. Recently, the word "Fintech" has become popular. This is a coined word meaning a combination of Finance and Technology. Finance has a much longer history than computers and communication technology. In recent years, however, these technologies are essential in finance services. As is the payment system, information processing is a major function. It is highly likely that FinTech will have a major impact on financial industry organizations, market efficiency, market stability, and monetary policy. In this department, we will actively make policy recommendations and social implementation efforts in areas related to finance and IT.