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Research section

Market Research Section

Based on socioeconomic issues in individual fields, the Market Research Section analyzes market structure and behavior of economic agents in order to search for possibility of social innovation, while at the same time conducting research to generalize and theorize on our findings of functioning of markets.

山崎幸治 教授
Assistant Director of the Center; Section Head YAMAZAKI Koji

Current Projects

The projects in this section fall into two categories: (1) research on individual and business behavior and on business interactions, and (2) research on macro-level growth and innovation. In the first category, we are carrying out research on such themes as rationality of human decision-making and behavior, strengthening the supply chain in response to high-level risks such as major natural disasters, changes in structure of international division of labor and sustainability of global environment and natural resource usage, creation of innovation via use of computer and big data, and changes in Japanese management system in globalizing market economy. Research in the second category covers such themes as escaping the middle-income trap in newly emerging economies, strengthening innovation in developing countries, role of international trade and financial market in growing economies with structural changes, elucidating interdependence and sustainability of regional economies through cooperation among universities in Pacific Rim countries, urbanization and agglomeration in China, and effects of urbanization and migration in China on international trade and FDI.