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Health and Welfare System Innovation Section

This section researches business incubation for the medical supplies business and advanced computerization in hospital management. It also carries out research on the current state of medical resource consumption and on reforms to the healthcare system that reflect the efforts of medical establishments.

藤岡 秀英 教授
Section Head FUJIOKA Yoshihide

Current Projects

The Health and Welfare System Innovation Section carries out comprehensive research related to the medical and nursing systems. For example, we draw policy implications for health management from disease analysis based on an analysis of socioeconomic factors, and utilize ICT to clarify issues that will lead to improved financing for health insurance and long-term care insurance. More specifically, we are conducting projects in three general areas: healthcare institution management systems,demand analysis of medical and health services and reforms to the health insurance system, and research on system reform and system innovation in light of the declining birth rates and aging populations in Asia. On the second project, we pursue our research from a medical perspective by utilizing data from medical expense statements obtained based on a cooperative agreement with the Japan Health Insurance Association, and through cooperation with the Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine.