The Kobe University Center for Social Systems Innovation

Research section

Social System Research Section

This section analyzes a broad range of issues such as social systems and innovation, globalization, and risk through multifaceted, interdisciplinary research from both the macro and micro perspectives.

山本顯治 教授
Assistant Director of the Center; Section Head YAMAMOTO Kenji

Current Projects

The work carried out by this section covers a broad range of fields, including (1) research on social systems and innovation, (2) research on globalization and social systems, (3) research on corporate and governmental governance, (4) research on risk and social systems, and (5) research on methods and practices for interdisciplinary research and education. More specifically, this wide-ranging research and implementation includes the following projects: Building a platform to promote social systems reforms, The role of the legal system pertaining to intellectual property in science and technology innovation, Integrated research on economic history and business history through a reexamination of company documents.
The Legitimacy of Social Institutions and Its Transformation in a Globalized Era, Creation of a center for research on policy and system design related to multicultural societies, Research on Policy Relevant Science(PRS), Micro-foundation empirical research on the legitimacy of international organization and institution, New Roles of Domestic Legislation: Redesigning Regulatory Schemes in Global and Digital Economy, Cooperation of Humanities and Sciences to Establish an Empirical Research Project for Implementing "Global Welfare", Corporate governance and financial reporting, New public governance, Research on governance systems in the ASEAN latecomer nations, Challenges of Japanese Cross Border Acquisitions, Conflicts in developing countries and social reconstruction and poverty reduction, Research on insurance system and law from the viewpoint of law, economics and practical affairs, Interdisciplinary research on the possibility of development of disaster communication using various expression methods -Based on safety and security-, Recommendations on building economic and social systems that are resilient to major disaster risk, Interdisciplinary Research on Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery, Risk management ambidexterity for natural disaster: Empirical research, Research on Real Time Assessment of Economic Damages by Earthquakes, Econo-Legal Studies Program, Econo-Legal Studies (ELS) Global Initiative, Creating a hub for empirical research and education related to microdata analysis of official statistics.